Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Is Coming Back For Another Season About Nothing

Jerry Seinfeld's summer 2012 experiment was to create a show that was truly about nothing. Seinfeld was close, but watching two people drive to get coffee was the truest expression of a "show about nothing."


Seinfeld has proved that the formula still works: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is coming back for a second season.

The original season had 10 episodes full of classic rides and classic comedians like Brian Regan, Larry David, and Carl Reiner. I enjoyed it.

Seinfeld has now signed on for 24 more episodes of the show.

I think the biggest problem will be finding that many funny people that Seinfeld wants to take for rides in a random old car and grab a cup of joe with. Then again, he's rich and famous, he can probably scrounge up dozens of folks.



Jerry is ridiculously smart. Now he gets to write off maintenance of his vehicles since he is using them as part of his business... what an awesome way to be able to hang with your friends and drive around in your old cars.