Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is back! And that means a whole new round of fantastic, oddball, and obnoxious comedians getting coffee, in a car, with the great Jerry Seinfeld. In this case, he makes the point that comedy can save the world, and he does it in an Aston Martin DB5 with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

A piece of our soul is missing when we can’t see any gorgeous cars with equally, well, let’s just say “gorgeous” comedians, and it’s great that the show is back in its sixth season. You basically know what to expect with this one, as if you are unfamiliar with the oeuvre of either Mr. Seinfeld, Ms. Louuis-Dreyfus, or the handiwork of Aston Martin Lagonda limited, then God help you.

And what you should expect, of course, is the comedic equivalent of a delightful day’s drive.


Watch the full thing here, and be jealous that your life doesn’t involve hanging out with Julia in an Aston.

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