Jeremy Clarkson Under Investigation For Talking On Cell While Driving, Rants Sure To Follow

We're guessing none of this would have happened if Jeremy Clarkson was Prime Minister, but everyone's favorite Top Gear host is in trouble with the law... again. Seems he was driving his 6.3-Liter Mercedes when a man driving with his girlfriend spied him allegedly chatting on his cell phone. They took a picture of the incident with, ironically, a camera phone and sent that to the authorities. If convicted (look at the pic), The Jezza could get three points off of his license and be out 60 pounds (which is like $5,000, right?). Full photo below the jump.


Though we've got some cell phone driving laws in this country, we don't take them as seriously as the Brits in this article. The guy who took the pic was quoted as saying "Everyone knows you can't use a phone behind the wheel. Perhaps he thinks he's above the law." We're all for safety on the road and are not big fans of anything that causes someone to take their eyes off the road but this seems just a tad ridiculous. [Daily Mail via AutoBlog]

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