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Jeremy Clarkson in affair with Top Gear coworker?

Illustration for article titled Jeremy Clarkson in affair with Top Gear coworker?

British tabloids report Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been cheating on his wife of 18 years with a 42-year-old production assistant for the show named Phillipa Sage.


Clarkson is said to have spent nights cavorting with Sage, who is seven years younger than his wife, Frances (pictured with Clarkson, above) — in luxury hotels in Norway and Australia while on the Top Gear Live tour. Their relationship was apparently no secret among colleagues.

Yesterday, Sage derided reports of the affair as "nonsense", saying: "Jeremy and I are friends, I have worked with him, er, them [the Top Gear team] for years."


As for having allegedly been seen going to Clarkson's hotel room at night, she said: "What? I often stay in colleagues' hotel rooms — that's not unusual."

Yeah, a single woman staying in a hotel room with a married man — that's not weird at all.

Photo Credit: The Week

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

Of course it's not unusual! He's married! He's loyal to his wife! Is Sage a looker? I think I would feel weird calling my lover by her name if it was Phillipa.

Oh Phillipa! Phillipa! Come here, dear. I'm not wearing trousers...