Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.

Powering a car around a tight bend is probably one of the most fun things you can do on four wheels. Foot on the pedal, work the clutch, turn the wheel- easy as pie, right?


Just some gas, a dab of oppo, and boom you got yourself some of that dorifto secret sauce.

It's actually a lot harder than it's made to look in this classic Top Gear video, but that's never stopped teenagers from attempting it the first time they get solo behind the wheel and then promptly total their mom's Audi. Always remember to keep it safe and legal kids- and if you're going to party, then remember to wear your party hat.

I do sorely wish Jeremy Clarkson wore some sort of hat in this video, if only to avoid that godawful hockey mullet. That being said, there are definitely some visual delights here, whether its a young man driving his new birthday present into a hedge, drift master Keiichi Tsuchiya sliding beautifully around curves while wearing winter gloves, or Clarkson's fantastically bad aviator sunglasses. You even get an explanation of what a Nissan Skyline R-32 GT-R is, in case we've all forgotten, and a cameo by the famous Mid Night Club group of street racers.

You know, the club that the video game is named after.

Kids these days.