Jeremy Clarkson gets into fight with iPhone-wielding fan

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After a Top Gear fan in Melbourne tried to take several pictures of Jeremy Clarkson and James May at a casino restaurant, Clarkson grabbed the man's iPhone and launched an angry standoff before the two were separated.


Amateur paparazzo Michael Garner told a Melbourne radio station that he was just a Top Gear fan, that Clarkson gave no warning he was upset with him, and that Clarkson never apologized for getting angry, although Top Gear Australia host Shane Jacobson did provide that Jezza was "having a really bad day." Top Gear officials declined to comment.

The most revelatory part of this story? Finding out that once upon a time, Clarkson punched Piers Morgan. Sorry Michael Garner of Melbourne, but that alone gives Clarkson enough karma points on behalf of humankind to win an irrevocable paparazzi-punting license.


Thanks Joel!

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Why did the man have to be an 'iPhone-wielding man' why not 'camera phone wielding man'. Does adding iPhone some how make this interesting and worth reading?