Jeremy Clarkson And Piers Morgan Get In Old Man Twitter Fight, Part II

Another Saturday, another ridiculous old man Twitter fight between old curmudgeon and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson and old curmudgeon and TV "news" man Piers Morgan. And just like last week's fight, it's hilarious.


Jeremy and the rest of the Top Gear crew have been filming their annual February Christmas special, and the team has been out of Internet range over the past few days. Upon returning, though, Clarkson got right down to business:

Luckily, Piers Morgan is around to answer his fine question:


To be fair, Jeremy's little sister is adorable. And yes, I know that's actually a picture of him at the tender age of 50. That's the joke. Lucky for us, Piers also posted a more recent picture:


Piers went on a big calling Jeremy a "big hairy ape" and claiming he was more popular, because the number of Twitter followers is clearly an objective measure of popularity which is why Kim Kierkegaard is the foremost philosopher of our times.

But hey, at least I think Piers answered Jeremy's question.

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