Jenson Button's Final Formula One Race Ends In Heartbreak

Screencap via Formula 1

A front right suspension failure has ended McLaren driver and 2009 Formula One world champion Jenson Button’s final Formula One race early. Ugh, that’s the worst. This was Button’s 305th Formula One grand prix.


A replay (viewable here) showed Button riding a high inner curb a bit rough, which loosened up Button’s front right wheel.

While he didn’t have the long farewell walk back to the pits that fellow retiring driver Felipe Massa did in Brazil, Button was able to drive his hobbled car back in to the pits, where he was greeted with a standing ovation and a hug from his mom.


I’ll miss seeing Button on the grid, even if it has been in a thoroughly disappointing McLaren Honda the past couple years. Farewell, Jenson. (Rallycross next, please?)

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