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Jenson Button owns Australia's Bathurst in an F1 car

Illustration for article titled Jenson Button owns Australias Bathurst in an F1 car

Earlier today, Jenson Button tackled Australia's famed Bathurst course in a McLaren-Mercedes Formula 1 car — the first time an F1 car had run the mountainous route. Button promptly shaved 18 seconds off its record time.

Part of a promotion for the Melbourne Grand Prix and part curiosity by Button, sponsor Vodafone also let Australian V8 Supercar driver Craig Lowndes drive Button's MP4-23. He was just one second slower than Button, at 1:49, although Button said with practice, an F1 could lap the narrow, hilly Bathurst in 1:40. (Hat tip to Joel!)


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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First time the guy gets behind the wheel of an F1 car and he is within 1 second of the teams A driver... daaaaaaaaaaamn.