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Chrysler Group released artists' renderings of what its new Jeep Compass Rallye and Jeep Patriot concepts will look like when they're unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September. Yesterday, we noted that evoking off-road rally culture was a natural fit for Jeep's marketing of a carlike vehicle. But looking at the Compass rendering (pictured), with its signature Jeep Liberty face fused to a Dodge Caliber body, makes us feel weird. It's like one of those birthday cards where they put grandpa's face on grandma, or cousin Sally.

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The Jeep Patriot is arguably the more attractive of the two, with a low roofline and high beltline, giving it a conceptual connection to the Grand Cherokee and, dare we say it, the Chrysler 300. We'll have the pictures, liveish, from Frankfurt, when these two appear in the flesh.

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