Jeep Parkway Plant Soon to Close

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A man who's most likely seen an amount of faces numbering in the hundreds of thousands and if they had a brain in their heads, rocked them all, a.k.a. Andy Wendler, sent over a bit from the Toledo blade regarding the shutdown of America's oldest continuously-operation auto plant, Jeep Parkway. With the expansion of the also-Toledoan Stickney factory, as well as the Toledo North facility, the former Overland plant is due to shut down this week. It built Second-War-era Jeeps, 155mm shells and rockets, but over the last few years it's used for basic Wrangler construction before the vehicles were sent over to Stickney for final assembly. In fact, Stickney's new role is to be determined, although it'll remain open for the forseeable future.


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