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DaimlerChrysler is preparing two crossover concepts โ€” models that have already been rumored as 2008 production models โ€” to debut in that hot-dog town named for Frank. We kid Frankfurt, because it's shaping up to be a major flashpoint for a number of big automotive news items, including Jeep's introduction of its newest line-extending models, built on the Dodge Caliber platform that debuted in Geneva. (Yes, folks, globalization is alive and well). While the Patriot is said to be a car-based small SUV, in the family of the RAV4 โ€” lower and shorter than the Liberty โ€” the most excitement may be generated by the Compass, a "low-slung sporty hatchback whose design was inspired by European rally cars." Picture the Caliber concept as a WRC racer, and Jeep may just have found a winning segue into the car market.

Baby Jeeps go in a new direction [The Detroit News]

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