Jeep Compass, Patriot To Get Upgraded Interior For 2009

The Jeep Compass (the Jeep MK platform for the ladies) and Patriot (the Jeep MK platform for the boys) will be getting revised interiors with softer lines for 2009, according to a first look at some Mopar dealer catalogs scanned by the Chrysler forum fan-boys at Allpar. Gone are most of the hard-edged "plastic box" features that made up the first-gen mini-Jeeps, replaced by a more fluid-looking motif still using the same basic layout. Compass pictured above; Patriot interior after the jump.


We're going to assume that, since this came out of a Mopar accessory catalog, the photo depicts seat warmers. But with Chrysler's interior track record, we're not ready to declare anything for certain.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Two things to think about: First, Chryserberus is obviously listening to consumer complaints about its interiors. Second, if Compass and Patriot are getting a refresh, ecxpect Caliber to get one as well (if it survives), possibly vaulting the three (or maybe two) from the ranks of also-rans and onto the shopping lists of millions of new small-car customers.

[via Allpar]

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