We've been seeing the properly named and for Europe only (for now) Jeep Cherokee running around metro Detroit for a couple of months in various stages of undress. Yesterday the stars aligned and we chased this totally naked Bosch test mule up I75 to a Meijer parking lot, where, after a few glamour shots, our phone battery crapped out. Weak. In any case Jeep fans, prepare for the gnashing of teeth and the rending of flesh, because this was a six speed, turbodiesel rocking the D's highways and byways. That's just rubbing salt in the wound. Far be it for us lowly bloggers to question the wisdom of the newly reminted Chrysler, but it seems that the off roading community would plotz for an oil burning Cherokee with a six speed manual cog swapper, but what do we know. Check that gallery for some exciting chase shots.