First lesson in Jalopnik readership β€” always have a camera at the ready. Like star tipster and reader Adam, who was quick to take a picture of a manufacturer-plated Jeep near Rochester Road and Big Beaver in Troy, MI earlier this week as he made his way home from a long day of widget-making or sprocket-mending. Adam saw this oddly-badged Jeep and immediately though "Patriot." However, due to the boxy exterior, he really could have thought "Commander" or "Liberty." If he'd thought the last one, he'd have been right β€” sort of. You see, this diesel-powered Jeep is a Liberty for the overseas market and it looks like it's doing a short jaunt stateside (to take advantage of the currency conversion rates wethinks with some shopping over at Somerset) wearing it's more familiar and much-more-loved overseas name β€” Jeep Cherokee. Remember, if you spot a camo-clad car β€” like this diesel Jeep Cherokee β€” send us a tip to and you, like Adam, might see your name in the fancy lights of the webosphere!