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He of the massive chin and more massive car collection was spotted in his Ariel Atom in front of the Autobooks/Aerobooks store in sunny Burbank, California. Ok, that's nothing abnormal โ€” he's a car afficianado, and Autobooks/Aerobooks is the place car afficianados go. Except most drivers generally fill up with enough gas to not only go there, but also to make it back home. Not so in Jay's case โ€” he ran out of gas in front of the store. Talk about the world's worst place to have the tank hit empty โ€” we can only imagine the type of ribbing he got. Chin up, Jay โ€” we're sure someone out there'll spot you a few gallons until you can make it to the station. (hat tip to SandMan at MotorPasion!)

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