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You there! Why do you waste your day on Facebook? It’s a wasteland of baby photos and rants about immigration from your uncle. But we just made it better by adding the thing it needed all along: Jason Torchinsky and Jalopnik’s signature video series, Jason Drives!


I’m proud to announce that Jason Drives is on Facebook Watch, the new video platform launched this fall from Facebook. We’re rolling out all the old episodes of the show there, and eventually the latest season we just shot too (don’t worry, those will be on YouTube and here on the site as well.)

This has all our Jason Drives episodes in one place as we build out this emerging platform, and by liking the page, you’ll be clued in every time a new episode drops.


You should follow it! It’s the only good thing on Facebook. And stay tuned for Season Three of Jason Drives, due out soon.

You’re welcome.

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