Jason Drives Is Back! You Have A Reason To Live Again

There’s almost nothing I love more than to drive strange, terrible, wonderful, and maybe slightly dangerous things, and to try to make you watch me do it. That’s why I’m thrilled to let you know the new season of Jason Drives starts soon, and it’s gonna be gooooood.

This season, I got to cram my ass into all sorts of fantastic stuff: hand-built racers, overpriced penalty-box cars built like Porta-Pottys, propeller-driven cars, cars that I drove into the water, and, yes, even a goddamn tank. Actually, several tanks and tank-like things.


I had a blast, and I can’t wait for you to see it. This’ll be fun.

Oh boy. Here we go.

(Oh, for the record, I’m pretty sure you have plenty of reasons to live beyond this. But it can’t hurt, right?)


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