Japanese youth overcome camber limitations

Engineers spent countless hours properly setting up a car's suspension. Ambitious kids spend even more time fucking that careful work up as much as possible. Hence this staggering effort to probe the theoretical outer limits of camber adjustment.


For those of us with delicate mechanical sensibilities, this kei-class Suzuki Alto almost hurts to watch: those torturous bearing stresses, that ridiculous steering geometry, God knows what happens when it runs over something thicker than a coin or goes around a corner. And tires are not designed to work like that.

Of course this is exactly the kind of in-the-box thinking that prevents people from living large and following their dreams, so maybe it's my loss. See, someone went and did something different. Someone worked to leave their mark on their corner of the insanity that is Japanese car culture and has the trophies to show for the effort. Maybe if more of us heed this example...


Nah. Not a good idea.

(Hat tip to Timma2Low!)

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Matt Brown

Bill Milliken beat them by about half a decade.