Japanese Lambo Tuner Still Cherishes His $1K Nissan

Liberty Walk's Wataru Kato runs a tuning shop that specializes in Lamborghinis. He owns a Ferrari F40 LM. He wants to bring the sensations of maximum automotive culture to a distracted youth. What's his favorite car? A four-door that cost around $1000.


He still owns and cherishes the old sedan, along with a few other home-market gems. The hand-riveted fenders and vintage alloy wheels seem a world away from Liberty Walk's high-grade flash and occasional silliness, but the enthusiasm that runs through all of it is undeniable.


Kato-san understands: It's not so much what you can buy, it's where your heart is.

(Hat tip to Luke H!)

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Lets Just Drive

That exterior intercooler made me giggle, but in a good way... like when a really hot girl tickles yer toes; it ain't exactly sexual, but it's in the same ballpark.