Japan Tells Its Elderly To Give Up

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In a move that most drivers would deem as excellent, the Japan police will begin encouraging drivers 65 and older to hand in their keys, permanently. The police will be teaming up with local businesses to attempt to get the elderly to surrender their driving privileges. No surprise, but the move has come as result of accidents in 2007—100,000 of which involved elderly drivers. However, instead of asking nicely for the keys, bribery is being used to influence the older drivers.

The cooperating businesses will be offering incentives like high interest rates on savings, discounted meals and more. Yes, because getting an even higher interest rate on savings and an even cheaper early-bird special is just what would influence the elderly to give up driving. [Motorcycle News]

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Ash78, voting early and often

@eltonito: Make more sense now, thanks. I was envisioning my grandma and her nosy, vindictive neighbors (this is pretty common in these FL retiree neighborhoods) calling in a false report and forcing burden of proof onto her.

Actually a pretty good idea, as long as they keep preventing abuse.