Japan Mazda Atenza To Get Rear Monitoring

Hey, Japan! Welcome to the future, dog! The latest bit of news from overseas is that Mazda Atenza, or more familiarly the Mazda6, has been redesigned and retrofitted with some high-tech goodies, like rear monitoring via radar. When traveling at 37 mph or faster, the system will kick on and begin monitoring the rear of the car. When a vehicle approaches, the system will notify the driver that some jackhole is riding your ass. But rear monitoring isn't the only technological happiness to be included in the Atenza.


The Atenza will also feature Cross Functional Network, or CF-Net. CF-Net is a series of buttons on the steering wheel that, when combined with a centralized display on the instrument panel, allows almost every aspect of the car to be controlled without taking hands off thw wheel. Yes, this includes air control and audio, which we are pretty accustomed to over yonder. [Fareastgizmos]

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