Jalopnik's Contest of Speculation: What Will Volkswagen's Four-Door Coupe Look Like?

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Hey graphics cowboys, grab a fistful of Photoshop tools (and e-tablet) and stand by. We're running a month-long contest to find the best renderer of a prospective 2007 VW model. According to AutoWeek, VW is planning to introduce a four-door coupe, similar to the Mercedes CLS and upcoming Porsche Panamera (spec, pictured), at a price point above the Passat — but assumedly below that of the Phaeton. But what will it look like? Quick, before the guys from AutoBild get on their game, send in your best spec jobs (rendered in Photoshop or any other imaging software) of how such a beast would look, in any setting you wish. The prize will be announced later this month, but will likely be cool. We'll also be featuring selected entries as the month goes on, so stay tuned. Send entries/questions to tips@jalopnik.com.

Porsche's upcoming Panamera [internal]


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