Jalopnik Vs. GM: Official Csaba-Verified Results

Here's the official former buff book editor-verified results from yesterday's Jalopnik Vs GM event, the awesomest marketing ploy we've ever taken part in.

John Heinricy in CTS-V: 2:46:560
Aaron Link in CTS-V: 2:48:902
Brian Redman in CTS-V: 2:49:596
Michael Cooper in BMW M3: 2:50:424
Jack Baruth in CTS-V: 2:51:153
Lawrence Ulrich in CTS-V: 2:53:157
Bob Lutz in CTS-V: 2:56:321
Michael Mainwald in BMW M5: 3:05:398
Wes Siler in Mitsubishi Evo: 3:08:126
Chris Fairman in CTS-V: 3:14:292
Archan Basu in Jaguar XF: 3:15:670
Tom Loder in Audi RS4: 3:15:702


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