Jalopnik Top Ten Weekend Gallery Wrap-Up

As we do around these parts every weekend, here's our top ten round-up of photo galleries chosen by your eyeballs this past week. Enjoy the car porn boys, and remember that the best way to have your voice heard is by letting your eyes roam. Or something like that.

Jalopnik Top Gallery of the Week:

Whither, 125 MPG: Toyota Shies From New Prius Battery Tech? [internal]



Transformers Movie Update: New TV Hotness Shows Bumblebee Talking, Prime Transforming [internal]










More Pretty Pictures [internal]

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@no_slushbox: I don't know - I misread. I certainly am in favor of a diesel for the torque factor, and for the potential fuel savings (and bio-diesel option) but I honestly wonder whether any more horsepower is necessary. My old 190 (170?) HP Jeep has plenty of power, but I keep hearing all this grumbling about the lack of power in the new Wranglers. A diesel option would help the people who do a lot of towing, but turbocharging? That just seems like a waste on a Jeep. I'm open to counter-arguments though.