We just want to give a little shout out to one of Alameda's finest sons, Belvedere Adrian. While he doesn't get paid the suitcases stuffed with cash that Murilee and I do, we did get the Gawker Overlords to cough up $1.66 to buy him a pair of gloves at the WalMart. True story. Except for the part about the Gawker Overlords coughing up $1.66. Adrian is a key member of Jalopnik LeMons coverage. He opens his Scotty trailer to us, cooks us sausage and pasta, gives us beer cookies, and scouts out cool locations around the track for us to snap photos from. So, three cheers for the man with the slickest Plymouth around, Adrian! (More pics of Adrian and his Scotty after the jump)


Adrian hearts the Dirty Drifters' merchandise. And hey, who wouldn't?

Murilee hard at work in the Scotty. In the back is Jack Astro of Project Car Hell theme song fame. He's from Alameda, too.


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