Do Jalopnik readers need any bigger of a sign that the world is ending than the Toyota Prius being a bigger seller than the Camry and the Ford F-series?

Don't worry, it's only in tree-hugging, import-loving California. For now, though.


The Los Angeles Times reported this week that the entire Prius line – that's the hatch, the Prius V, Prius C and Prius plug-in – was the best-selling nameplate through the first 9 months out of the year in the Golden State, as 46,380 have been sold through September.

All of this is a matter of national concern, though. Look around and these insipid half-electric things are everywhere, sneaking up on people and almost running them over. Forget West Nile Virus, cab drivers with hybrids are the biggest threat to humans.

Even more of a sign the Prius is not a niche car anymore: there are lots in California with "Romney Ryan 2012" stickers. Crazy, I know.


Like the nation's best-selling car, the Toyota Camry, the Prius is becoming considered by all sorts of buyers – young and old, liberal or conservative, single people or families with dogs. This must stop. Prii might get good fuel economy, but you just told us ways to get better economy without sacrificing good handling, interior quality, styling, image, etc.

Just this week, I overheard someone thinking about trading in a newer BMW 5-series for a Prius C because "the mileage was so good." I had to jump in and suggest otherwise.

Do your job as a car enthusiast and stop people from buying a Prius. If economy is a must, get a diesel or some other car with 40+ MPG. If they like the look of the Prius C, tell him or her otherwise and show them pictures of good-looking cars. Suggest a motorcycle even. (No, don't do that.)

If the Prii have already taken over California, who knows what they'll take over next?

Photo credit Global X