Jalopnik Reviews: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6, Part 2

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Exterior Design: **
Noooooooo! While fairing-in the flip-up headlights brings the Vette bang-up-to-1985, the Vette s nose is now a Viper wanna be. The front and rear side strakes make it look as if the C6 is sagging in the middle. The wing mirrors are blobs. About the best you can say is that it s still sexy in that low-slung strapless sandal kinda way.


Acceleration: *****
This is one seriously swift automobile; zero to sixty in 4.3 seconds is insane. A quarter mile in 12.7 will do me, thanks. The 400hp LS2 small-block V8 is both strong and flexible, but you ve got to ignore the rough revs to wring its neck.

Braking: *****
The Vette s big ole vented discs haul Mr. Plastic Fantastic down with conviction, determination and persistence. Excellent pedal feel lets you modulate the stoppers with genuine precision — which is just as well. A healthy shove on the middle pedal can pop a mint right out of your mouth.

Ride: **
I have a sneaking suspicion that the Vette s transverse plastic leaf spring suspension was tuned by the engineering firm of Crash, Bang and Wallop.

Handling: ****
As long as you opt for the Z51 Performance pack, the Vette s road manners unleash wicked pissa G-force juvenilia; including tail-out power slides and slow-in fast-out ferocity. The fifth star is withheld because a badly broken surface flummoxes the C6 s suspension, chassis and tire combo, at speeds where flummoxing can kill you dead.

Gearbox: ****
Skip shift? I want second gear and I want it NOW! Otherwise, the six-speed (anyone who orders an autobox should wear white patent leather shoes) can feel a bit agricultural — despite short, accurate gear throws

Audio/Video: *
It s bad enough that you have to look at the Vette s cheap plastic dash, even without sat navery clamoring for your attention. The BOSE system singularly fails to deliver anything remotely resembling decent base response, especially at high speed. And where s the slow-speed burble?


Toys: *****
Five stars because the Vette is blissfully, appropriately toy free, save the heads-up display, which is still way cool even though the green LED display was originally stolen from a 70 s digital watch factory.

Trunk: ****
The convertible has a surprisingly large (if shallow) trunk, while the hardtop s parcel shelf provides a perfect place to experiment with the mass X acceleration formula.

Overall rating: ****


[by Robert Farago]

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