On the occasion of the latest Barrett-Jackson cashout, collector car insurance firm Hagerty serves us a top-10 list of prospective collector cars for the next generation. Not long ago, we argued that, 30 years from now, there'd be no cars of this era fetching the same numbers as a mint Hemi Cuda these days ($2 million). Or, even scarier, that that aging Gen Xers would be paying six figures for a four-door Hyundai Excel with clove-cigarette burns on the seats and original Dinosaur Jr. stickers on the rear bumper (full disclosure: uh, never mind). But in the past several years, a few cars have popped up that may become bona fide auction queens. That brings us to the question of the day. Which late-model cars would you stick in a garage somewhere until Barrett-Jackson 2037? And while we're at it, chime in โ€” poll wise โ€” on Hagerty's list.

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