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Jalopnik Poll: Which Pre-Production Concept Shows the Most Promise

Lately, the big car shows have been lousy with pre-production concepts. These cars pre-introduce (nolo contendere) actual models officially (or unofficially) slated for production over the next few years. In Detroit, such proto-cars graced the stages and spun on turntables, existing alongside the radical concept cars in a new automotive purgatory between fantasy and garage. Design-wise, they're likely nearasthis to the cars destined for dealers' lots, though often done up in the highest spec. Which ones show the most promise? You decide. (Note: Yes, we left off the Lexus LF-A, Toyota FT-HS and Acura Advanced Sports Car concepts from this list, though talk of the three appearing as new supercars has been swirling for several years. Sound off in the comments.)


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GO EVO! Ok, if I didn't already intend on buying the Evo, I would pick the Camaro, but alas I hate convertibles and love AWD. Damnit Mitsubishi show me the color choices! I need to get to AMS!