Jalopnik Poll: Noir Cars: Your Take?

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Due to the rather tumultous affections of the last five women we've fallen for like a flaming lunchbag of well-overly-ripe okra dropped from 45,000 feet onto the Bonneville Salt Flats, we've developed a serious thing for Neko Case's music. It's what happens when punkers grow up, gain an appreciation for the rural and don't get all hokey and goth or go predictably, lamely redneck. It makes us think of Bukowski, Ellroy, Chinatown, Kundera, Kerouac, Thoreau, The Streets of San Francisco, Gruene, Texas and a number of escapades too personal and/or un-Gawkerly to go into. So instead, while walking the streets of Pedro tonight, we started wondering about noir cars. Like noir mo'fuggin cars. Vote and write in below. Also, why are we eating Fiery Haba ero Doritos at 1:30am? Oh, right. Women. Femme fatales, even. Now kick down, boys.


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I was torn between Charger and Hornet. Ultimately I went Charger because I actually think the '49 Super Six is cooler than the Hornet. Sure, it's slower with just the one carb, but it looks much better, and more noir.

I'm really commenting, though, just to give you two thumbs WAY up on Neko. If you get a chance to see her perform live, do it! She's transcendent. Hers was easily the best concert I've seen in the past few years, and I go to a lot of them. The New Pornographers aren't bad either, if you don't mind power pop.

P.S. The Vector W8? Really?

P.P.S. No, really?