Jalopnik Late-Night: Challenger Shooting-Brake Hot Wheels Are the Double Radness

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While Davey and I will never agree on exactly where a hatchback ends and sport wagon begins, I will bet my Subie snatchback on the fact that these custom beauties tickle us equally in the trousers. So hot are these toys, I even bet Uncle Bumbeck will help us perfect our time machine (hopefully with a brass hammer) so that we may terrorize our little sister by pushing these down the hall screaming VROOOM!!!!! and mortally wounding Barbies. Click and drool my friends, click and drool.


Le monde des Mopar miniatures [Mopar Owners Club]

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As that page indicates, it's been done in the flesh, er, steel - these pics are floating around the web, probably from the 80s: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/456046/3