Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Vintage HO Slot Cars

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For those who have just about given up on ever owning a '68 Firebird comes vintage HO slot cars. The original HO slot cars were from England, and powered by some manner of electrically powered vibrating reed and gear system. They didn't work very well. Aurora Model Motoring racing sets featured the much improved Thunderjet series of cars, and coincided nicely with a boom in American HO Scale railroading in the '60s. As time went on the cars went faster and stuck to the track a bit better. These improvements eventually led to day-glo track and wall-climbing silliness as the great age of HO slot cars jumped the shark. The gift of vintage slot cars is easier to give than ever thanks to the miracle of computers. Around 10 dollars and up on eBay. Cars shown from the Jalopnik Collection.

Pre-1970; Post-1970 [eBay]

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide [Internal]


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