While our version of a racing shoes is a pair of chucks with extremely worn soles, the real racers out there need a bit more support. A good pair of racing shoes not only protects the foot from injury and soreness, it may also reduce your lap times by helping provide a better feel when it's time to put foot to clutch. We're partial to the Fusion by Simpson, which has an attractive mid-top design that would make it a capable off-the-track shoe.

The shoe also comes complete with a hidden lace system that clamps down tightly on the knot, because there's not always time to retie a lace during a pit stop. As with most racing shoes, the heel is reinforced and the sole is both non-slip and super-sensitive. It comes in black, red or blue so you can match it to your driving outfit of choice. At $139.95 it's about the midrange of driving shoes and a nice gift for that racer that spent all of their money fixing up their ride.