Illustration for article titled Jalopnik Hearts Will Arnett, Will Arnett Hearts Jalopnik

While hanging out at the Audi Forum event last night we bumped into our fair share of celebrities, including the cast of some show called Gossip Girl that the kids seem to enjoy. It was one of those events. But then one half of America's favorite comedy power couple, Will Arnett, arrived. We have an awkward almost man crush on the man who was to voice KITT and then, all of a sudden, wasn't. We talked with him for a while about his unfortunate departure from Knight Rider and then he expressed his enjoyment of Jalopnik!


That's right Jalopniks, Will Arnett is among your ranks. Not only that, he's voting El Camino and we're pretty sure, as the voice of GMC Trucks, that he's a superdelegate. Somebody pinch us.


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