Just a reminder that we'll be live from the Indianapolis 500, the greatest spectacle in racing this weekend. With a crowd capacity of 400,000 around the 2.5 mile oval and untold hoards tailgating outside, we'll be covering the ins-and-outs of this mind-bogglingly huge festival of speed. Details below.

We'll be live-blogging everything from the inane to the stupendous with A.J. Daulerio at Deadspin over the course of Saturday and the buildup and race on Sunday. If you can pry yourself away from backyard barbecues and pool and beach openings, you can follow along at the tag "I AM INDY." Why "I AM INDY"? Well because we still haven't made enough fun of the horriful Gene Simmons theme song of the same name from two years ago.

If we manage it, and you plan on attending, watch out for impromptu meetups and/or swag bag giveaways via Ben's Twitter feed, should there be swags or bags. Hey, it's a recession you know.

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