Our commenters are amazing. Just a week after helping identify the car in a hit-and-run we turned to them to help find another hit-and-run suspect vehicle and they were correct in picking out the right car!


To be completely clear, as we said in the update to the original post, unbeknownst to us the woman who struck a young man bicycling with his friend in Indiana earlier this week turned herself in a few hours prior to our post. Before we were made aware of this fact we asked you to ID the car based just on a piece of the bumper.

Almost immediately our readers narrowed it down to a 1995-1996 Toyota Camry. When we let the Indiana State Police know of the vehicle they thanked us for trying and informed us a suspect was already in custody, but said they'd check to see what vehicle it was.

We just heard from the Indiana State Police it was in fact a 1996 Toyota Camry LE.


Good work, gearhead gumshoes. A spokesman for the Indiana State Police said they'd contact us in the future when they need help with an identification.

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