This morning we pushed live a small code update that, for the vast majority of Jalopnik readers, will mean very little. But for two groups of readers โ€” our hardcore fans and those stuck on older web browsers โ€” this update provides some much-needed relief to a very frustrating post-redesign user experience.

1.) We've tweaked our URL structure by eliminating the "hashbang" to allow thumbs and excerpts to show up when pasting a link into Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon and other social networks.

2.) Users with legacy browsers will once again be able to experience the full might of Jalopnik.

3.) These code changes mean we'll be able to go live with new mobile and iPad versions of the site this month.

But, if you're still having a problem, or a new problem pops up, send a note immediately to our help desk with your browser name, version # and operating system (plus a screen shot of the problem). They'll be happy to assist you.