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It's so early here in Las Vegas, the bookies are giving 3/1 the sun even exists. (Looking out on a hulking parking structure the size of the Carolinas, we'd consider that bet). The SEMA show starts in a couple of hours, and we're hauling our jetlagged arses down to the Las Vegas Convention Center to see what kind of trouble $34 billion semolians in aftermarket parts can render. We've already seen some previews, but there's two million-square-feet of exhibit space down there, and we're assuming some sort of swag and hopefully a shrimp cocktail, so who knows what's in store. Stay glued to our SEMA minisite or RSS feed to see what manner of automotive larceny we can unearth throughout the day.


[UPDATE: Keep checking the SEMA gallery page for the our latest shots of vehicular vice.]


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