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Ok, not that Daimler, although the Daimler of DaimlerChrysler and the Daimler of Jaguar's UK designation derived from the same person. Back in the late-1800s, a British businessman acquired the UK rights to Gottleib Daimler's famous engine, and built a car company around it. Jaguar bought that Daimler in 1960, and it became the company's marque for upmarket, often royally acquainted, sedans until 2002. Last month, Jaguar announced it would relunch Daimler (DAME-ler) with a long-wheelbase version of the XJ sedan. The car will cost an estimated $180,000 and face off with the Bentley Flying Spur. No word on whether the company would launch the brand in the US, where brand confusion with the Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler parent would likely make for hilarious cocktail party faux pas [hilarious for whom? - ed]. The new Daimler sedan will debut in Frankfurt this September.

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