Jaguar recently trademarked the names "C-XE," "C-XJ," and "XE." Could a spiritual successor to the classic E-Type finally be on the way? Sure, we've come close before, with the F-Type concept, but if this new name trademarked by the company is any indication, there may be another roadster in the pipeline. As was the case with the C-XF concept, which previewed the production Jaguar XF, the C-XE will likely be a concept which previews a possible production model Jaguar XE. That name is just one letter short of being XKE, the other name for the old E-Type. The above rendering from speculates at what might be in store. Another name registered for copyright by Jaguar was "C-XJ," which we can only presume to be a concept version of the upcoming new 2010 Jaguar XJ. Looks like Jaguar really is serious about re-inventing themselves. [, MotorAuthority]


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