Well, now we know what the "F" in Jaguar F-Type stands for: flambé. As if pretending to be an Italian exotic, one of Jaaaaaag's new sports cars burned spectacularly overnight in Belgium.

Gazet Van Antwerpen reports that the fire happened last night in the city of Herentals. Details are scarce, but the newspaper says that the driver pulled off the highway when he noticed "a defect in the vehicle." When he exited the car, it caught fire and melted to the ground. It's not so pretty anymore.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze, which the newspaper said "was ended without major consequences" because no one was injured. No consequences, except the loss of one of the most beautiful sports cars to come along in decades. That's all.

The exact cause of the fire was not reported. Lots more pictures over at the Gazet's website. Let's hope this doesn't become a thing with F-Types, yeah?


Photo credit Gazet Van Antwerpen

Hat tip to Marino!