J.D. Fortune, Fired INXS Lead Singer, Back To Living In His Truck

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J.D. Fortune, who became INXS's lead singer on a reality show, was fired and is living in his truck outside Toronto. It's probably the best way anyone has ever stopped being an INXS lead singer.


The story of J.D. Fortune, singer/songwriter, starts with him as a budding star living underneath a bridge in his unidentified pickup truck. He applied for a spot on Rock Star: INXS, got on, and won. Though not a critical success, the band certainly seemed to be getting more attention than they deserved so the reasons for firing him in a Hong Kong airport are unclear. Either way, his life has taken an un-fortunate turn and he's back to living in a truck or on assorted couches across the greater Toronto area. This is all probably a stunt to bring attention to his upcoming solo release, but we'll credit him for living in a cold truck cab in a particularly harsh winter.

What is it with Canadian reality stars and their cars anyway?



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You know, when this post first came up, I was going to say something like "what does this have to do with cars" or something pithy, but most of you have already taken care of that.

You see, when there was a slow news day, there were a couple of other writers who picked things up with DOTS, or PCH, Fantasy Garage, or other such things.

So as a service to the many Jalopnik faithful, here is a link to my postings featuring things like Obscure Muscle Cars, Favorite Auto Spokespersons, Barrett-Jackson Postings, and some of my other mis-adventures.