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I've Been Editor For A Year, How Am I Doing?

Illustration for article titled Ive Been Editor For A Year, How Am I Doing?

I took over as Editor-in-Chief a year ago. In that time we've introduced new staff, broke traffic records, and brought you scoops and stories you can't read anywhere else. We also redid the entire site. I plan to be here for another year, so ask me your questions, give me your ideas, and tell me what I'm doing right and doing wrong.


The most dramatic change in the last year, obviously, was the unveil of the new Kinja publishing system. We've expanded the number of people contributing to Jalopnik and harnessed the power of the community for good. OppositeLock is thriving and we've got /DRIVE and RideApart under our domain.

There are also great contributions from Hooniverse, Road & Track, Autoweek and others.


At this point I'm not planning a big "Awesomeness Manifesto" because I think we're fairly awesome as-is. Maybe I'm wrong? Let me know what you think and I'll do my best to explain my thinking.

Hardibird photo courtesy of McMike

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Tom McParland

So far so good Hardibro!...IMO Jalopnik is a great thriving community of gear-heads from all backgrounds and tastes (no matter how unique) with collectively some of the most comprehensive car knowledge on the interwebs. I know I learn something new everyday from one of our commenters/staff-writers. As far as suggestions...keep up the Oppo promotions, it keeps us energized to create quality content and if you could steal Doug DeMuro away from TTAC that would be awesome. All in all-