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The rotary engine is a classic failure: once hailed as the future of internal combustion, rotaries have never been more than oddballs, difficult to maintain and, also, were designed by a super nazi. But they have an irredeemable charm, and sometimes you can’t help but love them.

They can make a ton of power in a small package, they sound completely bonkers, and if you tune them right they shoot fire like that was their job. That’s all on display here. This is Angel Motorsports’ original RX-7 (a masterpiece) with a 400 horsepower turbo twin-rotor 13B neatly packaged under the hood. Again, small machine, lots of sound and fury.


They are wild, wild engines, and no matter how much anybody clowns on them, it would be terrible to see them disappear.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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