It's the Way of the New World! 'Cobra' Car Chase

Okay, so we couldn't help ourselves. Sly puts the rock to the casbah in his Fitty Merc, and manages to blow up a Ford pickup and knock over a lot of trash cans. And of course, this chase is the setup for the classic aftermath-of-climax-carnage exchange that begins, "Well, I'd like to get my car replaced," and ends "Sorry Cobretti, it's not in the budget." Luckily, Cobra found his own transportation in the form of a rubbed-out thug's motorcycle. We simply don't know if it's possible to count the ways in which we love this film.


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I just noticed that Jalopnik has been suspended over at YouTube, whats this all about? I thought it might be the Belgian Booth Babes, but thats still up, so whats the deal?