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September's always an important sales month, as it's the last month of the model year. The usual "who's up, who's down" takes on even more meaning as automakers hustle to prove they're kings of the 12-month spread. As such, we'll be covering September sales with equal parts vim and vigor throughout the day. That means if you're ADD for the most up-to-the-minute figures, make our sales tag your home page today. (Hell...why don't you just go ahead and make our site your home page for every day?) But before any official releases from the automakers hit the wires and before the phones get hot and sweaty from the sales conference calls, we've already got some fun for you — the pundits. That's right, they're knee deep in tea leaves, trying to divine September's numbers. CNNMoney's senior editor Alex Taylor wields his sextant to help us navigate the monthly sales waters together.

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