It's The End Of The Line For Buying Booze On Metro-North Trains

You work hard in New York City. So on your commute home, you want to unwind a little bit, like on a train car that sells booze. Well, tonight is the last chance to do that: Metro-North's infamous bar cars are going out of service.


Bar cars have been an institution on Metro-North for ages, but the aging train cars are getting dilapidated and sales of liquor barely breached the $350,000 mark last year. Meanwhile, bar "carts" on station platforms made $6,000,000. So, instead of bar cars, new trains with better seats will take their place.

But don't worry, you can still get trashed and vomit on these trains. Drinking will still be allowed, but now you need to buy your booze before you get on and not rely on the bar car to get your beer buzz going.

Your last chance to buy a drink on the train comes tonight, when the final bar car leaves Grand Central at 7:07. Be there. Or not. Whichever.

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