It's The 2018 Jalopnik Labor Day Evergreen Bonanza

Seven of the eight UAW members whose discharge by the Ford Motor Company precipitated the River Rouge plant strike, met on April 7, 1941, at union headquarters.
Photo: AP

Hello! It’s Labor Day here in the United States. In recognition of the important contributions that unions and workers have made to our cultural fabric, and due to various vacations, press trips, work trips and hospitalizations, your hardworking Jalopnik staff is off today. But we won’t leave you hanging.

For those of you who may be stuck at work, or are just bored in line somewhere and looking for something good to read on your phone, we’re running a day of greatest hits from the Jalopnik archives. Stories about labor, people’s cars, the vehicles of workers everywhere. It’ll be great. You’ll be crying tears of joy through most of it, I promise.


In the meantime: tell us what car stuff you might be up to today. Going for a long drive or spending some much-needed time with the project? Let us know.

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