It's Still Schadenfriday Somewhere: Donks, Boxes and Bubbles Explained

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The FoMoCo lot here in sunny, Southern California is three blocks east of Compton [Frightening side note: there's a Compton trailer park one block off the freeway]. So, whenever we cruise the 710 to pick up the latest metal from Dearborn (or Hermosillo, Mexico) we peep many young bucks cruising one-handed in massively-rimmed rides. And, existing in the form of ignorant honkys as we do, we always referred to the jacked up Regals as "Donks." Not so fast uncle salty.


The stance is the key to making a true hi-riser. Boxes and Bubbles maintain a level stance after all the modifications are complete. The Donks are another story. Donks are essentially the king of this crew of creations. History has supported the fact that kings have a tendency to be, well, at least a little arrogant. Donks hold true to this by setting the suspension slightly lower in the rear to keep the nose in the air to command a little more respect.


So, I guess an '86 Regal on treys is a Box. Everyday, something new.

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If I really wanted my car to run that high I would throw on some 40" Super Swampers and have some use for it.